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Individual Programming Options

Design Your Own Routine with Our Kingston Coaches

If you are finding that the typical classes offered are not the right fit for you, consider our individual programming option at Kingston Athletics. We can provide 100% customized individual regimens to help you maximize your results and address specific concerns that you have about your health. Whether you are preparing for an athletic competition or looking to get into shape, our Kingston coaches can work with you to design a program that fits your goals, lifestyle, and physical abilities.

Some of the benefits of our individual programming includes:

  • Completely customized training regimens and routine - NO cookie cutter plans
  • Unique feedback on your strengths, weaknesses, and how to improve your technique
  • Data-driven evaluation of your personal progress, including milestones and overall achievements
  • Flexible scheduling based on your own availability
  • One-on-one guidance from an experienced, certified personal coach
  • Ability to tweak and adjust your program as you go
  • Nutritional support to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet

First, we can start with a physical assessment of your body and run a variety of tests to identify your current strengths and weaknesses. Our individual programming takes into consideration all the factors that are unique to you, including age, ability, lifestyle, physical ability, and the current condition of your body. We can keep you motivated and push you closer to your goals.

Talk to a Personal Coach Today About Your Goals

Kingston Athletics is a state-of-the-art fitness center with the latest equipment and certified, experienced coaches.

We welcome individuals of all backgrounds and fitness levels. We take pride in providing the best programs possible and maintaining a safe, welcoming workout environment for all of our members.

Let’s start working towards your goals. Contact our team by calling (845) 234-4460 to learn more about how to design your own fitness program.

See How Our Athletes Feel

About Being A Part of The Kingston Fam!
  • “I love this gym, all of the instructors and the other athletes!”

    Suzanne H.
  • “There is a very strong vibe of community and support that I never found in other gyms”

    Wyatt S.
  • “Great atmosphere and coaches!”

    Krystal R.
  • “A place for all levels of fitness!”

    Joanne Maione C.
  • “You will be pushed out of your comfort zone for sure, but you'll never leave without a smile on your face.”

    Kate P.
  • “These folks have a great affiliate and a great atmosphere.”

    Eric James D.
  • “It's the best decision I've made in a long time.”

    Ian P.
  • “I have made impressive strength and conditioning progress and its all thanks to the staff at Kingston Athletics.”

    Megan W.
  • “I love my fellow CrossFitters - they are fun, supportive, and they all make me feel like I am part of a family.”

    Betsy Riege S.
  • “KA is not just a gym it’s a team and when you join they welcome you in as part of it.”

    Corinne T.
  • “It's a great place to workout, amazing trainers that push you.”

    Kelly D.
  • “I was really impressed by how supportive everyone was.”

    Jess G.
  • “They are very welcoming and informative, two of the best coaches I ever encountered Kyle and Olivia are very helpful. I”

    Mike D.
  • “Top-notch instructors and good people all around.”

    Chris B.
  • “Kingston Athletics has been a life changer.”

    Nick K.