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Is Personal Training a Right Fit For You?

Initial Fitness Assessment

Whenever we have new person come into the gym, we will run them through an assessment to get a baseline on where they currently sit in their fitness journey. During this initial assessment, we look at how the person moves through a few different tests. How do you squat? What does it look like when you extend both arms overhead? Can you hold the top of a push up for thirty seconds? These tests are simple and can tell a lot about what the program needs to look like.

Another part of the assessment is the conditioning piece. We use a simple test to see how they respond to have their heart rate elevated and then how quickly they recover. This is not overly complicated and that is intentional.

From there, we will review some nutrition and lifestyle information to get a better idea of what is going on outside the gym. How well are they sleeping? Are they eating too little? Too much? Do they have a lot of life stress? All of these things will have either a positive or negative impact on your training and health.

One-on-One Attention

With personal training, we have the ability to work one-on-one with a client. This will help ensure they are getting the best results possible. Are you nervous about going to the gym because you are not sure where to start? With the guidance of a coach, your personal training session will be structured and organized for you. How many reps should you complete? How many sets? What weight? How long do I rest between sets?

All of these things will be programmed by your coach during your personal training sessions. Not only will you be getting more out of your training working with your coach, but you will also be learning how to workout correctly. This is often overlooked. It is not intended to be an hour where you shut your brain off and just sweat. Our personal training is designed to have you moving better, living better outside of the gym and learning how to workout and actually enjoy your training. This is all built from your initial assessment which is used to determine where you fall on the fitness spectrum.

Personal training clients will get:

  • Initial consult with your coach
  • Comprehensive body fat/lean mass testing
  • Nutrition/lifestyle review and planning
  • Program designed around your goals
  • Ongoing support and testing to ensure you are making progress

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