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New Year, New Who?

Lose WeightIt is only fitting to write this article now seeing how the New Year is right around the corner and people will be scrambling to set new expectations for themselves. The holidays are winding down and people are motivated now more than ever to get back into the gym and change their diets. If so many are ready to make big changes in their lives, then why do so many get stuck in this vicious cycle of January-February, it's a "new me!"? Then, a high percentage will slowly dwindle as the year rolls on. Did they set too high of expectations for themselves? Is it really that challenging to follow a diet and exercise routine for longer than a month? We would like to think a little of both.

Change is hard, especially when it comes to diet and exercise. Some may find it challenging to wake up early and hit that fitness class they have committed to. Others might not be able to stick to a diet that is extremely restrictive. What do you mean I can't eat containers of frosting!? Often times, people will fall into the all or nothing approach and not last long. Their brain is telling them what they "think" they want, but their actions are saying something entirely different. This is why you need the guidance and counsel of a Kingston gym that works for you.

I can just miss one day of training this week, I have already gone twice so far this week. That one day of training is 33% of your overall fitness for the week. Over just a short period of time, this will have a huge impact on your results.

I have done really well all week with my diet, I'm just going to have a cheat day Sunday. The average person is consuming 3 meals a day. One whole cheat day or 3 cheat meals is about 15% of your weekly food intake.

We have become so wrapped up in the things we shouldn't have. What about reverse engineering it a bit and starting with the things you should be eating, and building from there. Are you consuming a decent amount of vegetables each day? What is your total water intake each day? Is it consistent or on somedays do you drink 16 ounces and others you drink 100 ounces? What times of the day are you eating? Today you managed to have a breakfast, but yesterday you didn't eat until 2pm.

There are a ton of different factors that go into a healthy diet and lifestyle besides removing all the "unhealthy" foods and drinks. We are not saying it should be open season on Sour Patch Kids and PBR's, but the amount of stress caused by obsessing over every label isn't going to help you if you can't be consistent with the basics.

Weight Loss Nutrition: The Basics


On average, general protein recommendations are anywhere from .8g-1g of protein per pound of bodyweight. The main take away here is you should be eating protein. It is found in every cell of the body. Keep it simple and make sure you are getting some at every meal and/or snack.


This can be quite the sensitive subject for a lot of people. No carb, some carb or all the carbs. Bad news, there is no magic number here, but one of the easiest ways to see how carbs or foods in general affect you are 1) eat them 2) wait 1-2 hours and note how you feel. How is your stomach? What about mental clarity? Energy? If any of these feel out of whack, you might want to look into eating another source of carbs. It doesn't mean they are all bad, but they definitely have their place in the diet.


Calorically dense and delicious. Fats are snuck into lots of processed foods and are extremely easy to overeat. Guess what? You still need them in your diet. 1 gram equals 9 calories. This is over double carbs and protein which are 4 calories per gram. It is still important to have them of course, but it will require a little more attention to dial in.


People will freak out about the amount of water you should drink, but a good rule of thumb is to start with half your bodyweight in ounces. A lot of people have quite the "a ha" moment here and will realize how little water they are actually consuming. Try using a reusable bottle that you can easily track the ounces with.


Not a food item, however, one thing that most people are missing out on that can have a huge impact on fitness and overall health. Life is crazy and most people are not so fortunate to have a lifestyle that allows for a consistent sleep schedule. Ideally, you would go to sleep and wake up at the same time. The body loves consistency and will thank you for it. Once you get the schedule down, then worry about the quantity.

The big take away here is setting a plan that is realistic and moving forward from there. Making small changes weekly or monthly is going to help you more in the long run than only working out from January 1-January 31 every year.

If you are interested in getting more info on how we can help you change your diet around, contact us and speak to one of our coaches from our awesome Kingston gym today!

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