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Sean Weeks


Sean Weeks

Sean is the Owner and Director of Training at Kingston Athletics. He specializes in assessing, testing and designing fitness programs for clients, whether individually or in a group setting. Through the proper implementation of energy system training, he receives the highest quality results for clients.

From early childhood until he was an adult, he was always active and involved in sports. A few years later, Sean enlisted in the United States Army where he served as a Combat Medic with various units over the course of five years. While serving in the military, he was introduced to CrossFit and began using this type of fitness methodology. Throughout his career, he has obtained numerous training certifications and completed over 1000 hours of program design.

  • OPEX-Assessment
  • OPEX-Program Design
  • OPEX-Life Coaching
  • OPEX-Business Systems
  • OPEX-Nutrition
  • OPT-Athlete Training Camp
  • USA Track and Field Level 1 Coach
  • CrossFit Level 2
  • CrossFit Nutrition
  • Catalyst Weigthlifting Level 1

Sean works with group fitness classes, individual program design and personal training clients.


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  • “Kingston Athletics has been a life changer.”

    Nick K.
  • “I have never been in as good of shape and strong as I am after walking in thru the doors of Kingston Athletics.”

    Kyla Bockelmann T.
  • “I love this gym, all of the instructors and the other athletes!”

    Suzanne H.
  • “There is a very strong vibe of community and support that I never found in other gyms”

    Wyatt S.
  • “"YOU" are not by yourself, there is a support system, and people just like you and me and the Staff at Kingston Athletics work with you to achieve your goals.”

    Tony G.
  • “A place for all levels of fitness!”

    Joanne Maione C.
  • “Top-notch instructors and good people all around.”

    Chris B.
  • “It's the best decision I've made in a long time.”

    Ian P.
  • “KA is not just a gym it’s a team and when you join they welcome you in as part of it.”

    Corinne T.
  • “You will be pushed out of your comfort zone for sure, but you'll never leave without a smile on your face.”

    Kate P.
  • “The teachers are super knowledgeable and attentive to make sure you're working correctly and they inspire me to work my hardest!”

    Cheyenne B
  • “It's a great place to workout, amazing trainers that push you.”

    Kelly D.
  • “The trainers are simply the best and I feel challenged every single day I walk into the gym and ready to come back again.”

    Dawn M.
  • “They are very welcoming and informative, two of the best coaches I ever encountered Kyle and Olivia are very helpful. I”

    Mike D.
  • “Always feel encouraged and supported here.”

    Nanette A.