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Olivia Grimsland

Head Coach

Head Coach Olivia Grimsland

I have been doing Crossfit since 2010 and have become more and more enthusiastic about health and fitness as the years go by.

I began practicing Yoga in 2003, which quickly became my passion. In 2008, I completed an intensive 6 month Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program at Shakti Yoga Woodstock. I fell in love with CrossFit the first day I tried it. It challenged my strength and abilities in a whole new and exciting way. I found that it was a great compliment to my Yoga practice and vice versa.

I am constantly challenged, continue to get stronger and am always setting new goals for myself. I train and work hard to maintain a healthy body and mind. For me there is no better feeling than surpassing a personal goal. For myself, it is important to build strength as well as flexibility.

Because of my extensive yoga background my focus as a coach is not only on proper form, the quality of the movements, but also the health of the muscles and joints. In my experience this attention to detail maximizes potential benefits.

Experiencing all the amazing benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle really fueled my want to help others achieve goals and happiness in their own lives. I never tire from watching all the clients grow and challenge themselves. I am always continuing my education and learning by attending classes, seminars and workshops. I am absolutely thrilled to be a member of the team along with all the other amazing coaches at Kingston Athletics.

  • Level 1 Hatha Yoga Teacher Certificate
  • CrossFit Level 2 Certificate
  • CrossFit Gymnastics Coach Certificate
  • CrossFit Advanced Gymnastics
  • CrossFit Anatomy

Olivia works with group fitness classes, individual program design and personal training clients.

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  • “I have never been in as good of shape and strong as I am after walking in thru the doors of Kingston Athletics.”

    Kyla Bockelmann T.
  • “They are very welcoming and informative, two of the best coaches I ever encountered Kyle and Olivia are very helpful. I”

    Mike D.
  • “Always feel encouraged and supported here.”

    Nanette A.
  • “"YOU" are not by yourself, there is a support system, and people just like you and me and the Staff at Kingston Athletics work with you to achieve your goals.”

    Tony G.
  • “I have made lifelong friends and look forward to my time at the gym every day.”

    Erin K.
  • “Kingston athletics is an amazing place!”

    Leanne B.
  • “It's a great place to workout, amazing trainers that push you.”

    Kelly D.
  • “I love this gym, all of the instructors and the other athletes!”

    Suzanne H.
  • “KA is not just a gym it’s a team and when you join they welcome you in as part of it.”

    Corinne T.
  • “I have made impressive strength and conditioning progress and its all thanks to the staff at Kingston Athletics.”

    Megan W.
  • “Everyone is so friendly and welcoming.”

    Ryan P.
  • “It's the best decision I've made in a long time.”

    Ian P.
  • “The gym is full of great people who make working out a social experience.”

    Brenda D.
  • “The trainers are simply the best and I feel challenged every single day I walk into the gym and ready to come back again.”

    Dawn M.
  • “The teachers are super knowledgeable and attentive to make sure you're working correctly and they inspire me to work my hardest!”

    Cheyenne B