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Nick Krzywonos


Coach Nick Krzywonos

I played rugby in college and used the typical low-intensity gym routine to train for the high-intensity sport. That worked until I hit 25. At 27, I was overweight and trying to play high-level rugby which led to a complete ACL tear. In the search of a more fitting training routine and to get back on the pitch after surgery, I came across CrossFit.

When CrossFit Ulster opened, it was only natural to become a member of the community. It was the best decision I ever made, and at 38 I have never been fitter, felt better or been healthier which is a good thing because I have a 4-year-old son to run after. “Suffering” the same workout with the community, cheering others and being cheered on, and competing with and against friends have all provided the perfect atmosphere for my continued success.

Being a coach has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have been able to do, be it coaching high school or men’s club rugby players, one-on-one personal training sessions or a CrossFit group setting. It is incredible to have the influence on someone pushing beyond their perceived limitations and achieve something they were intimidated by just weeks, days or moments before.

CrossFit Level 1 Certificate

Nick works with group fitness classes, individual program design and personal training clients.

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  • “Everyone is so friendly and welcoming.”

    Ryan P.
  • “Everyone at Kingston Athletics is amazing!”

    Samantha A.
  • “The teachers are super knowledgeable and attentive to make sure you're working correctly and they inspire me to work my hardest!”

    Cheyenne B
  • “I am stronger than before and I am able to do things that I thought I could never do.”

    Ginny P.
  • “It's the best decision I've made in a long time.”

    Ian P.
  • “I have made lifelong friends and look forward to my time at the gym every day.”

    Erin K.
  • “A place for all levels of fitness!”

    Joanne Maione C.
  • “I was really impressed by how supportive everyone was.”

    Jess G.
  • “"YOU" are not by yourself, there is a support system, and people just like you and me and the Staff at Kingston Athletics work with you to achieve your goals.”

    Tony G.
  • “Always feel encouraged and supported here.”

    Nanette A.
  • “I have never been in as good of shape and strong as I am after walking in thru the doors of Kingston Athletics.”

    Kyla Bockelmann T.
  • “Top-notch instructors and good people all around.”

    Chris B.
  • “There is a very strong vibe of community and support that I never found in other gyms”

    Wyatt S.
  • “The gym is full of great people who make working out a social experience.”

    Brenda D.
  • “I have made impressive strength and conditioning progress and its all thanks to the staff at Kingston Athletics.”

    Megan W.