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COACH Coach Grant Weeks

Being in the military taught me the importance of being physically fit. As I've grown older, I've also learned the need for proper nutrition and mobility to enhance your overall well being. Coaching has always been a fun way to help others reach their own personal goals and hopefully show the importance of the lessons that I have learned. I always strive to ensure that every member feels included and safe in reaching their fitness/nutrition/mobility objectives.


  • Crossfit Level 1, CPR and attended Catalyst Athletics Weightlifting seminar


  • Mobility, Hiking, Snowboarding, Coaching, Weight training

Grant works with group fitness classes, individual program design and personal training clients.

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About Being A Part of The Kingston Fam!
  • “In my 4+ years here, I've become a person who needs and wants to be here almost every day.”

    Peg B.
  • “Everyone at Kingston Athletics is amazing!”

    Samantha A.
  • “These folks have a great affiliate and a great atmosphere.”

    Eric James D.
  • “I am stronger than before and I am able to do things that I thought I could never do.”

    Ginny P.
  • “I was really impressed by how supportive everyone was.”

    Jess G.
  • “You will be pushed out of your comfort zone for sure, but you'll never leave without a smile on your face.”

    Kate P.
  • “I now feel more confident, stronger, and eager to make new gains every day.”

    Elizabeth W.
  • “There is a very strong vibe of community and support that I never found in other gyms”

    Wyatt S.
  • “The trainers are simply the best and I feel challenged every single day I walk into the gym and ready to come back again.”

    Dawn M.
  • “I have made lifelong friends and look forward to my time at the gym every day.”

    Erin K.
  • “I have never been in as good of shape and strong as I am after walking in thru the doors of Kingston Athletics.”

    Kyla Bockelmann T.
  • “A place for all levels of fitness!”

    Joanne Maione C.
  • “Everyone is so friendly and welcoming.”

    Ryan P.
  • “Great atmosphere and coaches!”

    Krystal R.
  • “Top-notch instructors and good people all around.”

    Chris B.