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At Kingston Athletics, we are proud to have a team of experienced, dedicated, and passionate coaches. Each of our coaching personnel have their own unique backgrounds and personal experiences that have inspired them to pursue a career in fitness. Read the bios of our coaching team and find out more about what motivates them.

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    About Being A Part of The Kingston Fam!
    • “It's a great place to workout, amazing trainers that push you.”

      Kelly D.
    • “I now feel more confident, stronger, and eager to make new gains every day.”

      Elizabeth W.
    • “Top-notch instructors and good people all around.”

      Chris B.
    • “I have never been in as good of shape and strong as I am after walking in thru the doors of Kingston Athletics.”

      Kyla Bockelmann T.
    • “They are very welcoming and informative, two of the best coaches I ever encountered Kyle and Olivia are very helpful. I”

      Mike D.
    • “The teachers are super knowledgeable and attentive to make sure you're working correctly and they inspire me to work my hardest!”

      Cheyenne B
    • “Great atmosphere and coaches!”

      Krystal R.
    • “The gym is full of great people who make working out a social experience.”

      Brenda D.
    • “I have made impressive strength and conditioning progress and its all thanks to the staff at Kingston Athletics.”

      Megan W.
    • “I have made lifelong friends and look forward to my time at the gym every day.”

      Erin K.
    • “You will be pushed out of your comfort zone for sure, but you'll never leave without a smile on your face.”

      Kate P.
    • “It's the best decision I've made in a long time.”

      Ian P.
    • “Always feel encouraged and supported here.”

      Nanette A.
    • “Kingston athletics is an amazing place!”

      Leanne B.
    • “I love my fellow CrossFitters - they are fun, supportive, and they all make me feel like I am part of a family.”

      Betsy Riege S.